February Issue



19 Responses to “February Issue”

  1. Mimi_Mami Says:

    nice šŸ™‚

  2. boowow_1998 Says:


  3. Ashwy (TheBlack.Secret) Says:

    WOW, Iā€™m honestly speechless.
    The only day I come back to do with anything regarding SD, I am pleased ā€“ by seeing my all-time favourite magazine!

    First of all, I want to say well done to Mika ā€“ who made this magazine fun as Pop Tarts, (or was it the other one?)

    Secondly, well done to the whole team!! The issue is amazing, and well done to all your hard work, it certainly showed in this fab-tastical issue!

    Lastly, well done to my good friend ALICE! She made all this happen, the graphics are AH-MAZING and Iā€™m in love of how this issue came out! Thanks for dedicating this issue to me; Iā€™m still busy on the coursework! But took an hour out to just read and soak in the issue. Also, thanks for crediting me for the small amount of pathetic graphics I did put in!

    To everyone – Lots of love, Ash

  4. Mehrisa [Sarah] Says:

    Congratulations girls, the issue is fantastic!
    It’s well-writen & fun at the same time, and the graphics are amazing aswell.
    I only this the layout should be more fun, not like Style Magazine’s-allways the same backgrounds, just different pics, if you get what I’m trying to say.
    Other than that, I like it all, it’s only your first issue and you’ve done an amazing job.

    Sarah xo

  5. Dora Says:

    Omg I love it!! (: And Rute is an awesome CG!

  6. Rini4e Says:

    Wow. This is one hot issue! The articles are great, I really liked the one about the wedge shoes, you picked a great covergirl and the makeups are sooooo gorgeous!

  7. Star-Shop Says:

    I love it! It is amazing!
    Great articles and graphics!
    Yay! I’m first to comment!

  8. soovintage Says:

    Great magazine!
    But where is the “Internet Safety” article?

  9. lettie97 Says:

    WOW! It’s great :]

  10. Mia Says:

    Fiercie, love it šŸ™‚

  11. Blonde_Bum101 Says:

    This is truly amazing! šŸ™‚
    You guys did such a great job – the articles are witty and entertaining, the graphics are totally unbelievable, and the effort clearly shows! Great job, everyone – can’t wait til’ the next issue!
    -Ashley Taylor

  12. Lindsey Says:

    The graphics were really good! But the layout and writing reminded me of Style Magazine. And we don’t need another Boring Read do we? ALSO, mik-ma is a very mean person. Which reflects the view of her magazine on the public eye. Thats simply sad.

  13. Lindsey Says:

    CONT : And Faysia’s face looks hideous in the Galliano article. Now, Im not trying to put you all down. All accept Mik Ma, she deserves her face shoved in the slick dirt.

  14. Lindsey Says:

    CONT : 12 year old freak. You probably only have 4 pubic hairs.

  15. TopMedoll Says:

    Wow, I’m absoulutely in awe as of this moment.
    Everything in this magazing is good, but it doesn’t make my favorites, sadly. What I’m going to say next is just some constructive critism, it might be useful to you all! :]
    While reading, I found a few problems. It seemed too “Style Magazine” like, and not many people enjoy reading things like that. I love to write, so I have nothing against you, but maybe you can add some more pizzazz into your writing!
    Another thing I encountered was the graphics. From a distance, they look fabulous, but from computer-sceen’s level, the necks/arms/poses seem like they are from i-Dressup. Rather than doing this, you could make the poses yourself, with a somewhat simple routine that involves Photoshop and your brain. ;]
    Other than these little things I found, everything is PERFECT for your first issue.

  16. Lindsey Says:

    oh honey – grow up. You sound like you’re on the play ground arguing with a child who just shoved sand in your pants.

  17. M!KA Says:

    Lindsey please we don’t need a hater, the magazine is AMAZING and you know it… who cares if i’m mean? I’m just more upfront about it, but you aren’t since you’re totally trying to put us down in these comments.

  18. Lauren Says:

    The graphics are incredible! And TopMedoll shut the hell up! Let’s see you do better than this. They worked hard on it and all you do is criticize. Seriously just say amazing job and be on your way

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